Hi, Booknerds! We've recently discovered the company we've been sourcing our soy wax from has been practicing some super awful and unethical farming and business practices, despite their claims otherwise. It's important to us to always have the best quality product we can, while sourcing from ethical, sustainable suppliers.

Because of this, we've temporarily suspended candle sales for the summer of 2020 while we test new wax formulations. We promise to bring back candles that are at least as good - but probably even better! - than what we had, all made from waxes we can verify come from companies that use sustainable and ethical farming and processing practices.

If you are a Monthly Melt subscriber, this will not affect your subscription. Monthly Melt candles are the first we test every month, and we make sure they are all good to go before continuing testing the rest of our line.

We're so sorry about this news, and we promise fun candles again in the fall. Until then, we still have enamel pins, pin pals, bookmarks, and mugs!

Thank you all for your continued support. Keep reading straight on till morning!

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